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Hej Hej

I decided to take a day trip to Copenhagen en route to Stockholm, I
wasn’t expecting much of the city. Being only a five hour train ride
from Stockholm and a cheap and easy flight from Barcelona, I thought it
was at least worth getting a taste of the city for future reference and I
REALLY wanted to experience the ‘Stairway to Heaven’ swimming pool that
the city has set up. When I arrived I was blown away by the medieval
beauty of the city; filled with strange dragon-like gargoyles, cobbled
streets and swan filled rivers. Having strolled along the rivers, been
enlightened by the National Museet and
enjoyed the largest gelato of my life whilst sun baking by the
‘Stairway to Heaven’ swimming pool, I left Copenhagen content that I had
taken quite a big bite out of the danish that is Copenhagen, but still
wishing I had time for more.

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