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Moscow, Russia: The Kremlin of Izmailovo

discovered Moscow’s lesser known Kremlin (the Kremlin of Izmailovo) on a
whim when browsing google images for the beautiful and world famous
Moscow Kremlin. I fell instantly in love with the Disneyland yet
traditional Russian appeal of the little fortification, and highlighted
it as a must see for my trip to Moscow that I can now only look upon in

in 1998, the Izmailovo Kremlin is nowadays used during the celebration
of different city holidays, festivals and fairs. The Kremlin is also a
highly popular setting for Russians wanting to celebrate their weddings
according to the oldest Russian traditions (I saw three weddings
occuring in the Kremlin within the 30 minutes that I spent exploring
within its walls!). Although the site has no historical value and is
purely a charming sight for the eyes, as it is only a 15 minute metro
trip out from the Moscow city centre, I’d definitely recommend a trip

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