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La Sagrada Familia

Words cannot express how excited I was to visit Barcelona and experience the architecture of Señor Antoni
Gaudi first hand. There’s something about La Sagrada Familia in
particular that completely fascinates me. Knowing that he would not
finish the church before his death, Gaudi began construction of the
Naixement façade first, so as to set an artistic and architectural
example for others to follow. You can tell the prominent role of Gaudi
in the construction of this façade by the abundance of extraordinary
gothic and curvilinear art noveau design elements. Conveniently, just
across from this façade I found a little park with fresh fruit and few
tourists which allowed me the perfect vantage point to relax, reflect
and refresh in the Barcelona heat before climbing atop the façade. This
spot will always remain my own special corner of Barcelona.

Wearing: Zara top, Someday’s Lovin shorts, Topshop sandals, Michael Kors watch, Topshop hat and Nastygal bag.

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