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I have a multitude of posts to share from my earlier adventures through
Spain, Russia, France and Turkey, I just cannot help skipping forward
to cover my adventures in Santorini today. I’m currently sitting in the
most beautiful boutique hotel in the northern region of Santorini (Oia)
eating grapes and sesame seed covered pistachios (I’d never heard of
these before discovering them on the streets of Oia today but they are
the most delicious thing!) after just having watched the most beautiful
sunset in the world occur over the Santorini caldera from my patio. No
pictures or words could fully communicate the mix of serenity and pure
joy that I am experiencing right now. The streets; the sunsets; the
people; the food – it’s all pretty perfect here. For anyone who has ever
considered visiting Santorini but thought it was just all hype, it
really is as magical as you imagine.

great winds aboard my early morning ferry from Heraklion to Santorini
this morning, I threw on this mostly Zara outfit, which protected me
from mishaps involving winds exposing my undergarments as well as the
harsh summer heat. I’ve adored the design of this Zara skort ever since I
first laid eyes on it but as the online site for Zara doesn’t ship to
Australia and I have the worst luck finding things in the Australian
Zara stores, I decided to rely on chance in finding one in one of the
many Zara stores that I was destined to cross on my travels around
Europe this summer. I found this white version in the Zara outside of
the Moscow Kremlin, which I had entered in the hope of finding a
souvenir piece to mark my travelling milestone of visiting Moscow. As
for the top, I picked it up just yesterday for a bargain price of 17
euro from the Zara in Heraklion. After over-wearing the cobalt blue
version of the same top, I just couldn’t go past the floral one too
knowing that I would definitely get more than my money’s worth
sheltering comfortably in it’s lightweight material and loose fit this
European summer.

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