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Postcards from Barcelona

I think it is fair to say that Barcelona charmed the pants off of me.
During the span of my 48 hours in the Catalonian city, I must’ve taken
more than 800 photos and smiled the equivalent of a years worth of
smiles as I became entranced with the creative world of Catalonian
architect Antoni Gaudi and the charming people who greeted me everywhere
I went in the city; whether to ask for directions or order fresh fruit.
 You would not believe how hard it was for me to mull down my photo
album to these mere 22 photos to encapulsate my 2-day trip.

my flight to Europe, I spent many hours watching documentaries and
reading up on the Gaudi and his many works scattered through the city of
Barcelona. By the time it was time for me to fly over, I had already
pre-purchased my tickets to all of his buildings, not wanting to miss an
inch of his architectural detailing. I definitely did not regret this
pre-preparation as every single site I visited inspired me to a degree
that only reading the writings of Richard Brautigan or staring at a Van
Gogh painting was able to previously; not to mention the 3+ hour line
for people wanting to buy tickets to enter into Gaudi’s most reknowned
work, la Sagrada Familia. What follows is a little insight into my
favourite sights of Barcelona.
Park Güell –
my favourite site of Gaudi’s is not only free monetarily speaking but
is also free of any line. Within the public garden complex of Park Güell
one can not only navigate through 17 hectares of green land
complemented by the modernist architecture of Gaudi, but can also visit
the home where Gaudi moved in with his family. Although no line or fee,
the site is a bit of a hike and incredibly hard to move around in during
the summer months with thousands of tourists being constantly snap
happy. This being said, there are few fonder memories that I have than
treating myself to arguably the best fresh strawberries and mango pieces
atop the main terrace of Park Güell and looking back over the physical
journey I had overcome to get there.
La Sagrada Familia – 
hotel was literally around the corner from la Sagrada Familia, so it
was naturally the first and last thing I went to see. The incredible
line of people waiting to enter the church was so overwhelming that I
did not expect to find a place to myself where I could take some photos
and just enjoy the façade of the building. However, after spotting a
fresh fruit stand in a park across the road from the Nativity façade of
the building, I found that the park not only offered perfect views of la
Sagrada Familia across a small lake but was more or less empty of
tourists. I don’t know why more people didn’t seem to know about this
park and its aesthetic benefits but I was not going to complain. If you
ever visit, hopefully the word hasn’t caught on and you can make like me
and get some fresh fruit and sit and enjoy the view and peace from the
park. (See more in my previous posts here).
La Casa Batiló and la Casa Mila – 
from the façade la Casa Batiló made my mind explode out of sheer
architectural delight. The entire façade is tiled with mosaics of glass
pieces and ceramic discs. The building only gets better on the interior,
with constant mosaics, stained glass windows, chandeliers and
staircases that appear to come from no where. The owners of the site’s
webpage do not lie when they state that la Casa Batiló is a ‘universe of
symbolism, a canvas of marine inspiration, a dream world, which evokes
nature with its organic elements and is suggestive of fantasy’.
the interior of la Casa Mila is not so creatively overwhelming as la
Casa Batiló, the rooftop with its many surrealistic colourful chimney is
truly delightful to run around (you can observe how happy I was in
image 6) and provides breathtaking views over the rooftops of Barcelona.
Both la Casa Batiló and la Casa Mila also offer summer night visits
where you can watch the sunset from the rooftops of either building
whilst enjoying live jazz and drinks!
If you are sitting on the fence about a visit to Barcelona, I say just “Go, go, go, go!”

1/ Views over Park Güell 2/ A sample of the mosaic tiles decorating Park Güell 3/ La Sagrada Familia from Park Güell 4&5/ More Park Güell 6/ Barcelona rooftops from atop la Casa Mila 7/ Strawberries atop Park Güell 8-12/ Exploring la Sagrada Familia 13-16/ La Casa Mila 17-22/ La Casa Batiló

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  • I can't wait to visit! I am only there for a couple of days too so this post is super inspiring and helpful, thank you so much!!
    xx Jenelle

    • My pleasure Jenelle – I hope you have lots of yugen moments of which I'd love to hear about when you return. If you have any questions about specific places or getting around just let me know. 🙂